Do fractions frighten you? Do you feel "bad at math" and wonder why others seem to understand it so easily? Are you afraid you won't be able to successfully teach your own children or help them with their homework?

If so, this is the course for you.

In a pressure-free environment, I'll talk you through the basics of working with fractions:

  • What is a fraction, and why can't we just use decimals and our calculators?
  • How do we multiply and divide fractions?
  • How can we simplify a fraction?
  • How can we find a common denominator among several fractions?
  • How are fractions added to, and subtracted from, one another?
  • What is a mixed numeral?

This course is geared specifically toward adults because that is my professional background, but it would also be appropriate for school-aged children. I will explain concepts using a visual approach that works particularly well for students who want to know why something works the way that it does.

It's time to finally conquer your fear.

  Finally Conquer Fractions

Finally Conquer Fractions