Wherever He Leads?

Wherever He leads I’ll go,
Wherever He leads I’ll go,
I’ll follow my Christ who loves me so,
Wherever He leads I’ll go.

I’ve sung this song countless times during my life, usually during the invitation at the end of a church service.  Perhaps you’ve sung it a bunch of times, too.  If so, what images do these words conjure up?  What feelings do they produce?

For me, they’ve created scenes of boarding airplanes bound for some foreign land.  Of eating strange foods.  Of learning a language to communicate the Gospel to some unreached people group.  There’s a mixture of fear and excitement that goes along with saying (or at least singing) that you’ll go anywhere.  Wherever.

But what if wherever turns out to not be a particularly “exciting” place?  What if it involves no airplanes, no strange foods, and no new languages?  What then?

I’ve heard many times that God is always preparing us for something up ahead, and I believe that.  I’ve witnessed it in my own life.  So when David and I look back over our lives so far (multiple college degrees, 13 moves – 2 of them cross-country, traveling to every state except for Alaska), we assume that He is preparing us for something big.  Something interesting.

So where has all that moving gotten us?  To Rome, Georgia.  Now, don’t misunderstand me.  It’s a lovely town with three rivers running through it, a charming downtown area, and friendly people.  It’s also in an ideal location in relation to our parents (and, of course, Auburn).  But interesting?  Not so much.  When you tell folks back home that you live in Seattle, they’re impressed.  They say things like, “I could never move so far away!”  You win the Lives Farthest Away award at your high school reunion.

Not so much when you live just across the state line.

Many people, if they’re honest, will say that singing, “Wherever He leads, I’ll go,” is pretty scary because they think He might actually want to send them somewhere else.  But I know two people who, if they’re honest, will say that singing that song is pretty scary because they think He might actually want them to stay in one place for the rest of their lives.

Wherever He leads, will you go?

Wherever He stops, will you stop?