Trust and Obey

Last week, the kids and I were doing a little shopping at Walmart.  We actually started our new school year on July 1st, so we needed new notebooks and such.  (We all love that New Notebook Feeling!)

As we were finishing up at the self-checkout, a heated argument began between several women in a nearby aisle.  To be honest, I was a bit frightened.  Maybe I’ve just seen too much on the news over the years, but I was afraid it might escalate.  I wanted to get us all out of there as soon as possible.

Once we finished paying, we headed for the door.  I was pushing the cart, my daughter was holding on to the cart, and my son was walking several steps behind us.  We got to the door right in front of the main characters involved in the confrontation, and they were still cussing each other out.  I kept urging my son to STAY RIGHT THERE WITH ME as we crossed the parking lot, but he remained a few steps behind.  I couldn’t call out “Catch up because there are crazy people right behind us!” but I wanted him to obey me, right then.

I wanted him to trust me implicitly and obey me immediately.

As so often happens during these parenting moments, I got a clearer glimpse of my heavenly Father.  He wants me to trust Him implicitly and obey Him immediately.  He wants this from me even when it doesn’t make sense to me.  In fact, it may be most important for me to trust and obey when it doesn’t make sense.  He sees the craziness around me when I’m oblivious.  He knows the dangers that I fail to notice or am unable to see.  He is able to protect me from harm, but I have to STAY RIGHT THERE WITH HIM.  Following at a distance is not enough.