The Best Headstone I've Ever Read

A friend of mine posted this picture on Facebook a few days ago.  The person whose headstone is pictured was her aunt.  I never knew Beth Koprovic, but I wish that I had.

Can you see what it says at the bottom?  “She made me smile.”

What an amazing epitaph.  Of all the ways her family could have chosen to summarize her life in a few words in stone, this is what was chosen.  This is what they most remembered about her and wanted the world to know about her.

I really can only think of one possible epitaph that would be better: “She made God smile.”

I have a feeling she did that, too.

I wrote a note to my friend, and here’s how she described her aunt:

She was not only a Godly woman, but one of the sweetest souls you could ever hope to meet.  She had such a heart for women and children and we had no idea of the impact she made until people came forward after her unexpected passing.  She had silently been a supporter of many charities and had invested in lives but she was so humble about it nobody even knew.  All we knew was how much we all loved her!  She had an infectious smile and you couldn’t help but be at peace in her presence.

Yes, she definitely made God smile.  May the same be said of me.