Part Two

I began to pursue Russ with all the gusto that a shy introvert can muster.  (To this day, I don’t think he ever realized what I was doing.)  I didn’t miss a church service or an EE meeting.  I wouldn’t have missed anyway, but I confess to sometimes having several motives for being there.  When our church built a new building and we walked en masse from one site to the other, I made sure to be near him in the caravan.  When he suggested that the two of us prayer walk around campus, I eagerly joined him.  What a wonderful husband he was going to make!

There was one problem: he already had a girlfriend at another college.  Never mind, I thought.  My Dad was engaged when he met my Mom, and clearly that hadn’t stopped anything.  It was a bit of a blow to hear about the Other Girl from time to time, but I wasn’t deterred.  After all, I was in Auburn.  Other Girl was not.  Russ and I were becoming good friends.

David was harder to get to know, even though he was also at church and EE every week.  In addition to his class load, he worked the early shift at UPS.  Being also a rather shy introvert, he didn’t participate in many of the social activities with our church’s college group.  He did, however, come to one such activity.

In April, we had a Snipe Hunt.  It was ridiculously dumb, but also fun because there were at least a hundred college students there.  The girl beside me in this picture (Candice) was there, too, and she and I were grouped with David and another guy.  (Russ wasn’t there.)

We found out that the next day was David’s birthday, so we hatched a little plan.  That day at lunch, she and I showed up where David lived (which we affectionately called The Good Little Christian Boys’ Dorm because several Lakeview Baptist guys lived there – including Russ).  We “kidnapped” him and took him out to lunch to celebrate.

He and Candice got along very well and talked at length at lunch.  In fact, I suspected that David was interested in Candice and began to think they would make a pretty good match.  That was fine with me.  I already had Russ.

That afternoon, in addition to bringing by a thank-you card left under my door, David called me.  While we had never had a lot to say to each other in person, we talked with surprising ease on the phone.  We decided to go see the free movie on campus that night.  He rode his bicycle to my building, and we walked from there.

Gradually, David and I became good friends.  We would talk on the phone occasionally and go out to dinner.  Once, we went to Montgomery to watch the circus.  We always had a good time.  But there weren’t any sparks.

Well, except for this one time.

To be continued…