Part Three

So as I was saying yesterday, our dates were dates in name only (although he did always pay).  There was no romance going on.  Not a hand being held, not a lip being kissed.  In fact, I thought he was boring.  I said, more than once, to my friends and my mother, “Please don’t let me marry that boring David Baggett!”  No sparks at all, except for one time.

My friend, Sonya, and I were preparing to spend the summer in Seattle with Campus Crusade.  On or near our last night in Auburn before leaving for the summer, she and I – along with David – spent the evening hanging out and gathering up various things to take on our trip.  For some reason, we ended up at a dollar store, and when we got to the crayons (another side story I’ll spare you), I mentioned that I had always wanted the 64 box of crayons.  (Surely I’m not the only kid who wanted those.  My parents always stuck strictly with what was on the school supply list.  Pretty sure I maxed out at 24.)  David bought them for me.

[David remembers this slightly differently.  He thinks Candice was also there and that it was Wal-Mart instead of the dollar store.  It was 20 years ago, so who knows?]

Then we somehow ended up beside some railroad tracks and decided to flatten some pennies.  This part I do remember very clearly.  (Kids, if you’re reading this, don’t try it.  I’m pretty sure it’s illegal.)  (Mom, I’m pretty sure this is the only illegal activity in which I participated at Auburn.)

Yes, I still have that penny. I also still have that box of crayons.

Between the crayons and the train rushing by us, I suddenly wanted David to kiss me.  I wanted to kiss that “boring” David Baggett right then and there.  (I was beginning to see that maybe he wasn’t that boring, after all.)

But we didn’t.  And the train passed on by.  And the moment was over.  And the feelings did not return for a long time after that.

I’ve often teased him about how much pain could have been avoided if he had just kissed me that night.  But that’s not how our story was supposed to go.

I was headed to Seattle, and a guy from Indiana was waiting for me there.

Summer Lovin’, had me a blast.  Summer lovin’, happened so fast.

Since the moment had passed with David, and since Russ was still talking about Other Girl, I was ripe for the pickin’ on our Summer Project.  Within a few days of arriving, I started dating this guy named John.  I thought for a while that he might, in fact, be The One (apparently forgetting what God had said), and we dated until sometime after Christmas.  Since he lived in Indiana, this led to several trips back and forth which was fun.  I stayed with girl friends of his, he stayed with friends of mine (maybe even Russ if I remember correctly??).  He’s also the reason I first learned how to e-mail.  (Back in 1994, it wasn’t an easy process!)  It was a fun several months, and he and I are still friends on Facebook, but it wasn’t meant to be.  (Ironically, he and David get along well thanks to Facebook.  That’s always weird.)

So in January 1995, I was back to being boyfriend-less, still friends with David and going out to dinner with him periodically, still hoping Russ would get a clue, and watching things beginning to change.  During that year, my roommate would get married, one of my best friends would leave for pharmacy school, and my brother would move in with me.  Russ spent the Summer in the Philippines, although we wrote many letters back and forth.  In one letter, he actually said I was “one of the greatest people to ever draw breath.”  I kid you not.

That Fall, a storm was brewing.

To be continued…